Weaver Woods North is a 205-lot single family neighborhood in Fishers, Indiana. It is conveniently located off of Allisonville Road, north of 141st Street.

This website presents online access to new and up-to-date information, as well as interesting activities for all residents of Weaver Woods North. All the things you need to know to live happily in our neighborhood - conveniently located on the web. Please remember to check back often!

Also, please send any requests for any home improvement to Ardsley. Please fill out the form in detail.  It can not be approved unless all info is complete.  Color of shingle, color of deck, shed location, etc. If you have a question while filling it out do not hesitate to call Ardsley for help.

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Rocks in Ponds
Also, we are trying to preserve our ponds, please do not allow your children and or their friends to throw the rocks used in the rim rap into the ponds.


Weaver Woods North Board
We are pleased to announce some new members to the Weaver Woods North HOA Board.  For any inquiries, please send communications to board@weaverwoodsnorth.org, not to individuals.  All architectural review submissions need to follow the outlined steps in the architecture guidelines document available from the Resources page.
  • President, Karl Lundberg
  • Secretary, Melissa Faurot
  • Ardsley Manager, Jodi Konar